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Years of Service Awards

service awards

Your award program should recognize individual employees that have been in your employment through the good and bad times. Workers who have made an impact on your success through their dedication, contributions and commitment. With RL Enterprises that becomes an easy task. We help you achieve that without spending an inordinate amount of time?

Managing your service awards program with our Reflection's System can be fun and easy. Our employee service award system is cost effective and simple to use. Multiple service award levels allow you to make Reflection’s fit your budget.

  • You choose how and when your recipient receives their award.
  • Presented as a standard package or quoted as a custom program.
  • Service award level selections are presented on individual four-color presentation pieces.
  • All of our awards are backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.
  • We feature an elegant and memorable awards presentation package in an attractive and personalized certificate of appreciation.
  • The majority of the awards are shipped from our central warehouse to avoid stocking issues, shipping delays or drop shipping hassles.
  • We offer the widest collection of traditional, contemporary and lifestyle award selections including, jewelry, watches, fashionable artworks, lifestyle awards, emblematic jewelry is available in most award levels.

To learn more about how you may have the best years of service award program that truly fulfills your desire to present to your employees with elegance, quality and professionalism. Please contact RL Enterprises.

Award Programs

service awards

Employee of the Month

Show valued employees recognition and respect by acknowledging their performance and work ethic with a comprehensive employee performance program.

On the Spot

For a decision to “Do The Right Thing”, rewards an employee for taking charge and making a decision based on the core values of your company. An example would be, for finding a solution to a client’s problem as opposed to just stating “sorry, I can’t help you, that’s company policy”.

Birthday Observance

A simple, “we remembered your birthday” will go a long way to show your appreciation. A better way than cash would be one of our award catalogs that allows your employee to choose what they like and avoid the hassle of having you shop and purchase for something they may not want or appreciate.

Holiday Gifts

Recognize a person’s efforts throughout the year at a very special time. Merchandise awards from our catalogs allow your employee to choose a quality item while you to remain within your budget.

Others include

Employee community service, a department for achieving a goal/milestone, a supplier, for their support in a crisis and many more.

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