Employee Recognition Programs

  • bp pipeline NASafety

    Modify behavior, enhance your safety program, reward for performance, not hiding or non-reporting of incidents, accidents or injuries. This is one of the most important parts of our business. It is our sincere desire to assist our clients in reducing accidents and injuries. We are active members of the American Society of Safety Engineers, participating in several chapters. Please contact us for an expanded view of our safety incentive programs.

  • bp pipeline NASales & Marketing

    A few examples would be: Sustaining a year-round selling effort, introducing a new product or model, increasing market penetration, extending your peak selling season, clear inventory before a model change, help in collection of past due accounts and many, many more..

  • bp pipeline NAAttendance

    These cost your business in lost productivity and low morale. Let us assist you in a program that rewards each employee who has no unexcused absences or tardiness at a frequency that reinforces positive action.

  • bp pipeline NATeam Building

    A must for a successful business! Set objectives for work teams and reward when those objectives are met or exceeded. This will focus each team member on the key objective and builds a positive interdependence amongst the team and fosters long-term company success.

  • bp pipeline NASuggestions

    Employees are most often the source for the best, most cost effective suggestions for improvement. Let us show you our three-step program to involve and reward your employees.

  • bp pipeline NAProductivity

    Exceeding your company goals results in increased profits. Implement a process to set realistic goals, then determine the reward for each incremental increase beyond those goals. Contact us today to find out more.

  • bp pipeline NATraining

    This is a key factor in accomplishing employee empowerment, involvement, improved quality and performance.

  • bp pipeline NAWellness

    The achievement of a healthier lifestyle among your employees will have a positive impact on productivity, reduce absenteeism, insurance costs and health care issues. The focus of a wellness program on employee well being by weight loss, smoking cessation, sustained exercise programs and reduced cholesterol levels are just a few examples. The achievement of a healthier lifestyle by your employees will have measurable benefits to your bottom line and will show your organization really cares about their employees.

  • bp pipeline NARecruiting & Retention

    As your employees are a great source of new hire referrals and assisting in employee retention, a system to reward those who assist in this function is a real benefit to your company. This will lead to recruitment of qualified employees, build teamwork and promote longevity of employment.

  • bp pipeline NAQuality

    As quality improves so do profits and the number of satisfied customers. With your assistance, we will develop a program to recognize and reward the achievement of quality benchmark standards.

  • bp pipeline NACustomer Service

    As this is one of the most challenging jobs in your organization, it is critical that you have top performers in this position. Reward for a job well done, recognize and motivate those employees that help you retain your valuable client base. Contact us today for more information.

  • bp pipeline NARide Share

    We will assist you in instituting a cost effective rideshare program for all employees to decrease pollution, traffic congestion, meet carpool requirements and mitigate parking hassles.

  • bp pipeline NALead Generation

    Generating sales leads, cross selling and client referrals are invaluable to any organization.

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